NEVER make someone a priority when you were only an option.
I love this quote.

I love this quote.

Etsy shop!

Hello fellow followers I added a couple new things to my etsy shop! Everyone please take a few minutes to look around. Please know this is a very hard time right now for my family and I finically. Please look around my shop and if you like something feel free to buy! If anything else, please just pray for my family. Anything helps us!

Etsy shop!

Hey guys! Please take a second to check out my new etsy shop! It’s still new to me so there’s not too much up! I’ll have more to come soon! Thanks!


To all of my followers with and without cvid! I very excited to say that I am going to start selling some of my photography and artwork! Message me if you’re interested in seeing or buying. Please know that it will help to pay for my school and other bills, hospital bills and expenses, As I am currently unemployed because I am a full time student at school! Wish me luck!

God help those who help themselves, and forget about everyone else.
You lost your nerve, you missed the point.
God help those with open hands, may they never feel burden again.
Working out:update

Since I’ve started working out and dieting I’ve lost about 14.5 pounds. I look a lot smaller now because I’m kinda short. If I gain 10 pounds it looks like 20. And if I lose 10 it looks like a lot. I’ve definitely been having a cheat meal two times a week. But I had been working out so much it really didn’t hurt me losing weight. I wasn’t cheating drastically either. My diet has been so strict I’m trying to lose the weight at a healthy pace and so far so good. One of my biggest problems is that I am ALWAYS hungry. I think part of it is from my immune deficiency but I’m sure most of it is that I just love food. Haha I’m pretty used to my routine of just chicken and broccoli for every meal but breakfast. At this point it’s probably mostly all about getting that last 5 pounds off and then maintaining my weight